philippe 6 months ago
3 Answers
  • johnson 6 months ago
    • hverfli1
      6 months ago

      Well it is unknown actually, but yes, it is highly probable that it came from animals but this is if you eat the animals, which means in this context, it is not transmissible.

  • sars01165 6 months ago
    • sprimi9
      6 months ago

      also a tiger in US -New York zoo tested positive, i think thats the first case

  • anecantioquiak 6 months ago
    • izmilela9
      6 months ago

      dude maybe he is worried about his pet... maybe if he catches it, his pet will too, and maybe his pet's immune system isn't as good...

    • leasx
      6 months ago

      or vice versa